iroad x6 dash cam

In August 2023, IROAD MOBILITY officially released the much anticipated IROAD X6 dash cam model – a 2-channel front & rear FHD dash cam.

IROAD X6 is an upgraded version of the very popular entry-level IROAD X5, which it aims to replace with improved video quality and new functions.

Compared to the old X5, the biggest upgrade comes in terms of the image sensor. The new X6 comes equipped with a Sony STARVIS image sensor, which helps significantly improve footage clarity and sharpness not only during the day, but also at night with Intelligent Night Vision (X-Vision).

Just like the X5, the X6 records in FHD resolution with a 140° wide view angle front & rear.

While the X6 also needs an external GPS antenna for speed and location data to be recorded, the novelty is with the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) 2.0., a must-have function for safer and easier drives, upgraded from the previous ADAS 1.0 version.

When it comes to Parking Mode, different from the X5 model, IROAD X6 comes with the more storage and energy efficient Time-lapse Parking Mode. In this mode, the dash cam records continuously at 1fps when parked and, when an Impact is detected, the recording switches to 10fps to better capture significant moments. Motion Detection is also an available function during Parking Mode, as well as the High Temperature Protection and Battery Discharge Prevention (LBP) systems, just like the X5.

IROAD X6 live view, footage playback and settings are available by connecting through Wi-Fi to the IROAD (Android/iOS) mobile app, as well as by using the IROAD PC Viewer.

The video format of IROAD X6 is IVS, a more secure and improved form of X5’s JDR, which can be easily converted to MP4 by download through the mobile app or the PC Viewer.

X6 is already widely available through many of IROAD’s branches, partners and distributors globally. Ask your local distributor for product availability or, if you have no local distributor, contact the Global Team at for more guidance.