In August 2023, IROAD MOBILITY officially announced the release of their latest dash cam model as part of its flagship X series – IROAD X30 – IROAD’s first 3-channel Cloud supported QHD – FHD – FHD dash cam.

X30’s release brings diversification to the company’s product line-up, becoming IROAD’s first dash camera model to support up to 3 channels recording. The basic X30 package comes with the two front and rear cameras, to which an optional 3rd channel can be added, according to the user’s needs. This makes X30 a highly versatile and easily adaptable dash camera setup.

The 3rd channel camera options are the Internal IR Camera or the Exterior Waterproof Rear Camera. A Front-Rear-Interior 3CH setup is recommended to Taxi or ride-share drivers, while a Front-Interior-External Waterproof setup is recommended for large commercial vehicles, making X30 an ideal choice for both individuals and fleets.

The IROAD X30 dash camera captures 1440p QHD front and 1080p FHD Rear/Interior recording, providing four times more clarity than standard HD resolution. The 2560x1440p resolution with the 5M pixels IMX335 Starvis Sensor delivers clearer and sharper images with significantly enhanced video quality, while the Real HDR technology eliminates light blurring and creates vivid recordings even at night or in low light environments.

Different from the other X series models, X30 comes with a built-in GPS, which provides speed and location information for the footage recorded. Another benefit of the built-in GPS is the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), which includes Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS), 3 functions aimed to assist users for safer and easier drives.

Thanks to the Cloud functionality, with a Wi-Fi connection available, users can watch X30’s live stream and check the vehicle’s location in real time from anywhere at any time, receive push notifications for events during parking, get event videos automatically backed up to Cloud and download footage remotely, among others. Geofencing, Route History & Driving Statistics will also be available through the Cloud platform*.

When it comes to Parking Mode, IROAD X30 comes with Time-lapse parking recording, with the dash cam recording at 1fps normally and at 10fps in case of an Impact or Motion Detection.

Just like the X10 and X11 models, the video format of IROAD X30 is IVS, a proprietary file format engineered to enhance recording file stability and data protection.

IROAD X30 live view, footage playback and settings are available by connecting through Wi-Fi to the IROAD mobile app (Android/iOS), as well as by using the IROAD PC Viewer available for free. Users who want to use the Cloud functionalities of the dash camera will be able to do so through the IROAD Cloud mobile app (Android/iOS).

* As of September 2023, only the Beta Version of the IROAD Cloud service and platforms (web, mobile) are currently available. Some Cloud functions may be limited.