As known as dash cam expert JAEWONCNC Co., Ltd. newly introduces their new model “IROAD X5” to the market which is FHD, front and rear, dual channel dash cam on 22 March, 2019.

Front 1920 * Rear 1080 Full HD high resolution and 30 frames thatoffersusers a very stable, accurate, clear view while driving. In addition to automatic wireless firmware upgrade function, users can also easily share recorded video files and upload files on theirany Social Network Service accounts.

The IROAD X5, which increased the stability of the video storage, can store video files safely with the format-free system without manual formatting process.Each frame unit is a real-time recording of the image of every moment to keep the image safely even when the sudden power-off. Moreover,the device supports the memory card automatic recovery function and image tamper protection to recover the damaged image.

Mr. David HAN, CEO of JAEWONCNC Co., Ltd., said “the IROAD X5 is an affordable dash cam that enhances for the middle and low cost markets, and will raise our global market share in 2019”.