JAEWONCNC “IROAD” participated in 2019 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition)

JAEWONCNC (CEO, David) announced that participated in 2019 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition).

The Hong Kong Electronics Fair is a large scale exhibition to attend over 2,800 companies andvisited more than 7 million people. Also, the Fair showed new products, new brands, and latest trends.

JAEWONCNC is proud to present new product and technology of IROAD Dash Cam that has developed with its own technology to global buyer and conducted a variety of promotional marketing activities for the global market through collaboration with IROAD Hong Kong Branch.

JAEWONCNC introduced the 4K UHD global new product ‘IROAD X10’ at the 2019 Hong Kong Electronics Fair and it is raising people’s expectations before releasing the new product.

JAEWONCNC increased value of the ‘IROAD’ brand by further enhancing the trust of local buyer, resellers and customers during 2 years of establishing a branch and service center in Hong Kong. Also, The JAEWONCNC has established itself as Global Brand through The Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Mr. DJ Jang, the director of overseas dept and head officer of HK branch, said “IROAD dash cam has excellent performance and quality of service, and we are expanding our market portion in Hong Kong and Global market. Also, we are planning toenterthe global markets through the launch of 4K UHD class product.