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It is a fact that driving without a car-camera somehow makes us anxious these days. One of the reasons is that we do not know when and where an accident might occur, which would get us into trouble. Added to that, people not be willing to come forward as witnesses in an accident when it occurs. There is also a possibility that in an accident, it becomes debatable who is the victim and who is the assailant. For these reasons, the demand for car-cameras has been soaring. In generally, purchasing a better car-camera is common sense for customers who have already decided to purchase one.

More than rational for the high end

IROAD car-camera has been an outstanding and remarkable brand in the car-camera market. It is highly regarded for its cost-effectiveness. IROAD car-cameras are well known for its exceptional performance and functions, far more than other high priced competitors in the market. IROAD is also reputable in many countries including Singapore where it is sold. We are so excited to announce the launch of IROAD V9, manufactured by JAEWONCNC. The ‘V9’ has excellent resolution and high quality components. It is the first step towards the beginning of change and innovation. Let’s get into the new sensational world of the high end V9 car-camera!

Resolution/Frame2CH – Front : Full HD 1920x1080p, 30Frame, 142 degrees / Rear : Full HD 1920x1080p, 30Frame, 142 degrees
CPUQuad Core Cortex-A31
Image Sensor2CH – Front : SONY Exmor Image Sensor, Rear : SONY Exmor Image Sensor
Wi-FiWi-Fi supported – Dongle Type : Smartphone playback and settings, firmware auto-update
Constant power(low voltage cut-off)Cut-off and booting voltage settings(Constant power)
AudioSpeaker (effect sound for informing operational status and 34 kinds of voice guidance voice guidance supported), Microphone embedded
Video/Audio compressionH.264/ADPCM
Impact SensorAcceleration 3-axis Sensor (Recorded by an external impact)
GPSExternal GPS Antenna ((In conjunction with Google Maps to check the location and speed)
Storage medium Micro SD 4GB ~ 64GB (recommended type MLC Class10)
Recording modes Normal(driving)mode, Event(impact)mode, Parking(Motion Detection) mode, Voice recording
Power DC 12V~24V
Temperature, HumidityOperating Temperature : -30~-80, Storage Temperature : -30~-90, Humidity : 10~95%
PC viewerIROAD Wi-Fi Dedicated Viewer : Window XP, VISTA, Win7, Win8(32Bit~64Bit)
ApplicationIROAD App (Android 2.3 higher version, iOS 5.0 higher version)

No wonder not to be fascinated

As time goes by, the design of the IROAD series is getting better and better. In particular, IROAD V9 has a curvature design with black high-glossy texture. There is also a leather-like texture on the front to achieve the overall glossy and matte look. The separate cover for the SD card is designed to avoid sticking out of the socket in the event of an accident. Two different texture patterns for ventilation holes on the bottom boosts the durability against heat. Needless to say, practical features are harmonized with the overall luxurious design.

Customers recognize

JAEWONCNC was awarded a gold medal at the ‘Korea Consumer Award 2015’, organized by the Korea consumer association in car-camera parts. The ‘Korea Consumer Award 2015’ was established to enhance the tripartite communication and international exchange amongst consumers, companies and the government. Companies that win these awards are regarded as ambassadors for the development of the country. The success of IROAD is not a coincidence, because IROAD has exerted effort to act on consumers’ feedback to continuously improve its products and service, thus accumulating know-how.

JAEWONCNC has developed more than 15 models till now, and about 3 to 4 models each year. The brand awareness has brought about significant result in increasing popularity in Singapore, Russia and Europe etc. JAEWON CNC has a local subsidiary in Singapore and has introduced ‘V9’ to the Singapore market ahead of introduction in Korea. Its innovative design, overwhelming performance and affordable price are highly anticipated to keep captivating customers around the world.

Full HD Front/Rear

Previous IROAD series compromised with lower resolution and frame as a car-camera for the masses and mainstream. However, ‘V9’ is targeted for the high-end car-camera market, so its resolution and frame are of excellent quality. Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, Full HD(1920×1080), and 30 Frames, are embedded in both front and rear cameras. One of the distinguished strong points is its cost-effectiveness. There is nothing like ‘V9’ when it comes to cost-effectiveness. IROAD series has already been credited for its superb technology since its inception, and it is not difficult to expect that customers will fall in love with ‘V9’!

High quality encoding, getting important hardware

CPU performance is deemed a vital component to support the rapid encoding process which images through front/rear camera are encoded and saved as 1080P videos. Video recording may not work properly if CPU performance is not that fast and lags. For example, encoding Full HD videos in low performance computers takes a long time. AllWinner A31 chips which are used in Android Tablets and based on Cortex A7 is embedded in ‘V9’. The A31 chip is designed with low power technology and makes multi tasks possible since it has to deal with front/rear cameras to encode 1080P 30 frame videos simultaneously. It was the best choice for ‘V9’ overall!

The secret of clear and bright images

The Sony Exmor CMOS sensor is a symbol of high-end car-camera and has been well known for its outstanding performance. The main feature of the sensor is that it guarantees clear images not only in the day but also at night. The sensors are embedded in both front and rear V9 cameras, boosting the V9’s competitiveness on the market.

Stable recording function

I just wonder that a top student would get pissed off if were asked whether study well or not. The IROAD series has consistently been top of its class. IROAD also has high quality and stable recording in all its series. Naturally ‘V9’ has inherited the DNA of the IROAD name. The stable recording function creates a synergistic effect along with Full HD 2CH/30 Frame.

Constant recording

The ‘V9’ has a constant recording function that records while one is driving, and is activated once the car engine starts. It automatically deletes all files when the capacity of SD card is full and write, which repeatedly runs. If you want to record for a very long time, a higher capacity SD card will be required, and IROAD V9 can run on a 64GB SD card without problems.

The total recording time with a 32GB SD card, 2Ch Full HD, is approximately 7hours 20mins, but it can be volatile depending on the configuration of the resolution and frame. We highly recommend to use the MLC and CLASS10 SD cards authorized by IROAD because high quality videos can be recorded simultaneously in both front and rear. It takes about 3 to 5mins to check the memory card and create data when V9 detects a new memory card or formatted memory. Let us explain how the V9 processes the recording after the SD card is inserted.

Event recording

One of the important functions is the event recording function. While the V9 records in the event of impact for a certain time, the constant recording function may result in the loss of file due to re-writing. However, the event recording function assures recording for a long time safely. IROAD V9 records 10 sec before and after an accident or impact for a total of 20 sec, which will help investigation.

Parking recording

An accident can occur not only while driving but also when a car is parked. What if a car hits your car or somebody kicks your car when parked? Why not? However, it is a big waste of SD card capacity if recording takes place for the whole parking time. Hence, IROAD V9 records in the event of impact or motion while in parking mode for improved efficiency. The V9 also has a battery discharge prevention function that automatically cuts off the voltage when it drops below a certain point, ensuring that the battery will not die. The cable provided when you purchase the V9 facilitates for this, so you do not need to purchase one.

Wi-Fi connection, exceedingly convenient

While the V9 does not have an LCD screen, users are able to view the files via their smart phones using Wi-Fi. After attaching the Wi-Fi dongle to a smart phone, the user need only to download the IROAD app on Google play and appstore. Particularly for Android, Wi-Fi will be activated automatically once it is turned on and detects V9 to link.

The user can then view in real time both front and rear cameras, replay recorded files, save the files in another space, as well as change the configured settings to adjust for the changes to the environment.

V9 enables real time viewing through the phone so that customers can check out even at a near distance, which is far more convenient than any other car-camera. Only V9 users will know how convenient this is!

Front/Rear camera real time recording and replay

The user can also use Wi-Fi to adjust the functions to ensure that the V9 is working well and if it is at the right angle and position to record. Customers can watch the real time video to adjust the right angle for the camera and replay the recording files as well. Using Full HD Phone is recommendable to access Full HD files.

Automatic firmware upgrade online

From time to time, manufactures will release firmware for its products in order to improve and stabilize their product. Similarly, the IROAD application will automatically download up to date firmware and fix up bugs to enhance the stability of V9, upon connection to Wi-Fi. So, you can always use updated firmware.

Design for convenience

Generally speaking, car-camera is a device that is useful for shooting scenes of accidents, but the V9 is more than just that! IROAD V9 has other features how to improve the convenience to customers, and yet is reliable in many ways. JAEWON CAC has certainly improved the know-how of its car-cameras after generations of previous models.

Under surveillance using security LED

One effective way to prevent someone from damaging your car is via a security LED. It warns strangers that the car is under surveillance and is able to deter potential vandals while parked. Security LEDs are embedded in both front and rear cameras with an alert mechanism.

GPS for accurate location

Installing an external GPS is advised so the user can know the location, date and time in the event of an accident. It also enables the user to collect more precise data and check out on the map, to complement the information from the IROAD distribute viewer. Moreover, speed data is also recorded so that it can help in investigations later.

Low voltage cut-off function

As mentioned above, IROAD V9 has an internal built-in voltage control function which prevents your car from being drained, by automatically cutting off the power of the device when its voltage drops below a certain point. Those who enjoy recording while on parking mode could be worried about battery discharge. However, with IROAD V9, you can now be absolutely relieved that would not happen.

Format free, intensified security

Image recording technology has improved enormously over the last decade, but saving files onto SD cards is limited by current technology. One of the main functions of a car-camera is writing and deleting files over and over again and overwriting, which can burden the SD card if it is based on the FAT32 file system, and even malfunction of the whole SD card. In order to save files safely and prevent any damage of the SD card, IROAD has introduced the JDR file system of the FAT32 file system. Additionally, the JDR file system does not require the SD card to be formatted regularly and is designed to be easily managed. While the JDR file system cannot be played over video play programs on computers, customers can play it through the Wi-Fi function and the distributed viewer. It is because of its enhancement of stability that differentiates IROAD’s car-cameras from other brands.

JDR file system

Other car-camera brands support direct recording when new or formatted SD cards are inserted into the device. However, IROAD V9 uses the JDR file system which does not require the SD card to be formatted regularly. IROAD V9 takes about 3min to boot up and the JDR file system creates JDR files which are fully saved onto the SD card. When reading the SD card, the user is able to view all the JDR files which will have video files attached to it. Some JDR files could have more than 5 videos attached. The structure of JDR file system is different from the FAT32 file system, and JDR files can be automatically recovered should the user mistakenly delete it. Furthermore, making counterfeit data is pretty difficult given the JDR file system. JAEWON CNC has embedded this technology in the V7, V8 and V9 car-cameras and this is what makes IROAD different from other brands.

Why do we think formatting is not that necessary on the JDR file system? Logically, video must be deleted and if it is to be re-written. On the contrary, physically data files are sequentially saved onto the SD card. Because the new JDR format omits temporary saving on the RAM and records real-time footages, recordings are safely recorded even when power is suddenly off in the event of an accident.

For that, the operation of the CPU is simplified and the memory card controller is relieved from overload, resulting in less overheating and longer life span of the card.

Useful dedicate viewer

Even the most optimized file format for in-car camera, jdf file system has a weakness, which is that the files in jdf cannot be played on a normal media player.
That is why the dedicated pc viewer is required. Though you can watch footages on a smart phone with IROAD V9, for changing more complicated settings and watching videos on a enlarged screen, IROAD V9 dedicated pc viewer is an alternative option

The top of cost effectiveness car-camera

The IROAD V9 is a unique product. Despite being launched in Singapore and Korea one week ago, the V9 has attracted many reviews online and many orders. The technology IROAD has developed has reached fruition in the V9 that boosts Full HD cameras in both front and rear, and 30 frames. It is also amazingly cost effectiveness.

Where cost of living is increasing, the cost effectiveness of products is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Consumers are always on the lookout for products that are both high quality and yet affordable. IROAD V9 is the best car-camera in terms of cost effectiveness as the V9’s strongest selling point. V9 possesses embedded Sony Exmore CMOS sensor in both front and rear cameras, Wi-Fi function though smart phone and 64GB of SD card capacity. Isn’t it incredible?

IROAD V9 is also very stable. Let’s see! It has a format free function, when means that when the user deletes some files, the system will automatically detect any errors and recover after inserting the SD card into the device. Hence formatting SD card regularly is not required. These efforts show how much effort JAEWON CNC has put in to make the best car-camera!

Core functions of any car-camera are also embedded in the V9. They include the JDR file system, Full HD front/rear, 30 frame front/rear, external GPS, and Wi-Fi function. The V9 is already so popular in overseas markets that IROAD even won an award from the Korea consumer association which is testament to the public confidence in IROAD V9. We sincerely recommend you to experience IROAD V9 for yourself! It can secure your car round the clock, while driving and parking, and wherever you drive!