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The eye catching in-car camera all the time,

now comes back with Wi-Fi capability

in-car cameras got to be way more comfortable

How well an in-car camera records is no longer a issue. Every single in-car camera has a
recording function. Today, consumers consider other aspects of the cameras,
which is how comfortable it is to use the functions of the camera. Some of the criteria include such things as
how fast and accurately a camera can record images in the event of an accident,
and what key functions can be used in emergency situation

How well an in-car camera records is no longer a issue. Every single in-car camera has arecording function.
Today, consumers consider other aspects of the cameras,
which is how comfortable it is to use the functions of the camera. Some of the criteria include such things as
how fast and accurately a camera can record images in the event of an accident,
and whatkey functions can be used in emergency situation

Considering the whole efforts have caused the generalization of specs of in-car cameras,
each one of manufacturers are still keen to make something new to differentiate their products from others.
Thanks to this fierce struggle to survive, consumers are able to use even more comfortable in-car camera.

Draw attention from every driver

If an in-car camera has what it takes to become a multifunctional gadget, people would be willing to buy for it

JAWONCNC, the manufacturer of IROAD models, has the Midas touch as every in-car

camera they made has hit the market in Korea. This amazing hit-maker has launched a new in-car camera with all the function that in-car camera is supposed to have , now with Wi-Fi capability that is not normally applied to cameras at this low price. Pricewise, it is ridiculously low, considering what this little camera offers. It can record front/rear images at classy HD resolution.

Minimal size, yet still has all the functions.

A so-called ‘good & reliable in-car camera’ refers to the one that is easy to be mounted,
not bulky in shape and that functions well enough so that there are absolutely no problems with using it.

IROAD V7 indeed fully satisfies all the above criteria. Its outstanding quality reflects the manufacturer’s know-how and its robust technology.

The front camera is small enough so that it is hardly visible to people outside the vehicle when mounted right before the room mirror.
In spite of its small size, it has high-end specs and functions, so what more can I say?

Rear camera, just as excellent as the front one.

Most recent in-car cameras have both front and rear camera to record both sides of a vehicle.
Yet, the point is how good is the quality of images for the rear camera. A few rear cameras of other manufacturers have 480p resolution at only 15~20 fps, not good enough. However, the rear camera of IROAD V7 has an identical 720p HD resolution at 30 fps as the front camera and this suggests IROAD V7 excel in specs, compared with others.

The role of CPU is critical, especially when it comes to recording both front and rear views at HD resolution.
Malfunction or incomplete recording could result if the CPU being used is not able to process tasks fast enough. IROAD V7 uses dual-core processor A20 made by Allwinner.
It was designed based on cortex-a7 architecture. Together with mali400mp2 and GPU,
it providesfast speed encoding capability. A20 indeed is the optimal CPU for 2 channel HD recording.

Most convenient wi-fi function

Actually, there are few in-car cameras with wi-fi capability in Korea, but none of them is as easy and convenient to use as IROAD V7.
Its wi-fi function supports both Android and IOS and watching live-screen,
previous recording and adjusting settings as well as automatic firmware upgrade all can be made from an application downloadable from each app store. Cant’ be any more convenient, can it?

Basic setting to connect to wi-fi

First off, wi-fi ‘dongle’ is needed to use the camera’s wi-fi function. Once the dongle is inserted onto the device, download the application from your smartphone and simply play the application, then wifi is automatically searched and connected. Simply search ‘IROAD’ on either googleplay and appstore to find the application.

Way comfortable than screen attached in-car camera

Some think screen attached one is comfortable, but those who use no screen in-car camera with wi-fi capability knows the latter one is way better than the formal.
You have got to sit straight on your seat to watch the mounted screen on a fixed place,
but you can lean against the seat, or even lie down and watch recordings with wi-fi linked smart devices.

Front/rear live watch/playback

If you are wondering whether the cameras are mounted at proper angle or they work properly,
use the wi-fi function to check them out. Angle of the cameras can be easily adjusted as the screen on a smart device shows real-time live screen. If a car is parked not too far from the driver, the wi-fi function can be even used for surveillance purpose.
Besides the live screen, previous recordings can be easily viewed on smartphone right away,
especially useful in the event of an accident.

Easily-to-adjust settings

It would be such an annoying thing if you have to get to your pc to change some little settings for a in-car camera each time.
Some oppose non-LCD in-car cameras for that reason, but now what with wi-fi? No worries.
you can manipulate and change settings in whatever way you like with a dedicated application for smart devices.
Things you can change there are from simple things like the sensitivity of a sensor to more complicated one such as voltage control. All those are done at your fingertip using your phone, too easy.

Easy firmware automatic upgrade

When there is a new firmware available to download, you may not even notice it, you are too busy working!
To avoid such tragedy, IROAD V7 dedicated application supports automatic firmware upgrade.
The latest firmware is automatically downloaded to your smart device and it guarantees the stability and integrity of the device.

Sticking to the very basic

Every single in-car camera has three recording modes, namely, normal, event and parking modes.
In spite of the generalization, whether a in-car camera becomes a good one or a bad one depends on how well each mode functions.

JAWONCNC has continually endeavor to make the three modes to perfection and the last beneficiary of all the efforts made is IROAD V7. Quick switching from one mode to another with seamless recording is what makes IROAD V7 so reliable.

Uninterrupted recording, recording starts immediately after booting

Uninterrupted(also known as normal)recording is a basic recording mode. For IROAD V7, the cameras record at 720p/30fps on normal mode.
With 30fps, you can watch very smooth footage and the odd of capturing another car’s plate number is higher in the event of an accident.
When a memory card is used up, the device still records while automatically deleting files from the oldest one in consecutive order simultaneously, resulting in seamless recording.

Event recording, Never miss the moments of an accident

IROAD V7 switches to event mode when it senses impact or motion within its surrounding area and the recordings are saved under ‘impact’ folder in the sd card
Unlike other in-car cameras, IROAD V7 starts recording on event mode for about 2~30 seconds
once it detects motion (the timeframe can be changed at a user’s discretion) and the recordings are saved in a ‘event’ folder. As space allocated for event recording is not as much as the normal one, you would be better to keep important files on your pc)

What I like about this event recording is the flexibility of its recording time. I have just said under this mode, the footage is in 30 second clips. Take other competitors’ for example. If multiple impacts are detected one after another, the cameras still records for only 30 seconds regardless of what is happening, and once the interval is up, the event mode is exited. However, IROAD V7 in that case extends the recording time beyond 30 seconds to record all the footages needed.

This flexible advantage is especially useful to investigate accidents.

Parking mode, safe parking guaranteed

Parking mode is initiated 10 minutes after the car engine is off. The device automatically records when it detects motions or impacts and the mode is deactivated and the device is automatically switched off if voltage of the car battery drops below certain point to keep the battery safe.

Better user interface

All the new updates, new firmware and new function, new technology etc, the final goal of using all those is to make users feel more comfortable with using an in-car camera. IROAD V7 was made in a way that it records footages more efficiently and quickly without any errors made.
One of the add-ons is an external gps. It helps find out the previous location of a vehicle and travelling speed of the car. These information collected is used to investigate accidents

External gps

A key to have more accurate and reliable information for recordings is to install additional external gps.
It basically receives signals from the satellite as to time and location, so it ensures the exact time of the footages recorded and helps track down the exact spot of where an accident happened. Another thing is travelling speed.

Low voltage cut-off

Voltage control function is embedded in IROAD V7. It prevents a car battery from discharging. The device automatically detects when the voltage drops below a preset value and it is switched off to avoid battery discharge
Those who ever experienced battery discharge in winter may know how bad it is.
IROAD V7 substantially lowers the odd of car battery being discharged and ensures stable constant record.

Security LED

under 24 hour surveillance

Very bright security LED right under the camera lens has high discrimination regardless of day/night.
Flickering blue security LED keeps your vehicle safe from possible car theft or damages from some bad people.
Highly visible blue security light gives a tacit warning to the bad that in-car camera is mounted on this car, so stay away from it.

Raised stability

If any important recordings, especially ones related to accidents, are damaged or mistakenly removed, there is no point having a in-car camera.
In order to prevent such incidents and keep savings safer, IROAD V7 has adapted jdr file system.
With files in jdf format, though those files cannot be played on normal pc media players,
use the dedicated viewer for pc and the application properly, then there will be absolutely nothing to be worried about.

jdr file system

one more step towards perfect stability

When an empty memory card is inserted onto IROAD V7, it creases jdr files and use up the memory card.
The inner structure of a single jdr file consists of more than five event(motion detection) files combined in a consecutive order.
unlike fat32 format which was once used before jdr format was introduced, due to the sophisticated file structure of jdf, you do not have to format the memory card on a regular basis like the formal one, and more importantly, automatic recovery of accidently or mistakenly removed files is supported.
Moreover, forging or altering data is almost impossible, proving that the format is optimized for in-car camera.

Under jdr file system, a memory card can be managed efficiently for a long time without having to format it as it skips saving temporary files in a RAM. Instead, it saves footages in real time basis which enables sequential record even if the device is suddenly switched off.
Thanks to the advantages of using jdr file system, the CPU can easily processes tasks and the memory card controller can avoid itself being overloaded which all together prevent heating issues and help raise the duration of the device.
In terms of file recovery, suppose if you delete jdr files on pc, but they can still be recovered when you insert the memory card back onto the pc later. the files you deleted is actually not physical data but just logical address value

Dedicated viewer

Even the most optimized file format for in-car camera, jdf file system has a weakness, which is that the files in jdf cannot be played on a normal media player.
That is why the dedicated pc viewer is required. Though you can watch footages on a smart phone with IROAD V7, for changing more complicated settings and watching videos on a enlarged screen, IROAD V7 dedicated pc viewer is an alternative option

Free and comfortable, what define IROAD V7

Okay. What I wrote by far is all about IROAD V7. What else can I say? It is just too comfortable to use. Today, almost all 2 channel in-car cameras in Korea has a big screen attached and it is like some kind of a trend. Even so, tapping on the ‘fixed’ screen to check footages and change settings is somewhat cumbersome and even annoying. As mentioned earlier, in-car cameras are normally mounted right behind the room mirror, it sounds really annoying now to even stretch my hand to do all that.

IROAD V7, for the reason being, is way easier to use, compared with the screen attached ones.

Why? say you want to watch previous recordings right now but you are little tired or something, and you might want to recline your seat backwards and lean against it. What now? with IROAD V7, lay down and watch footages with your smart phone just like when you watch movies with it. The quality of the application is as good as so many apps installed on your phone, so easy to use.

With the wi-fi capability, even its image quality and specs is good enough, but can get it at affordable price. Its high popularity now was in fact very predictable from the beginning.

Reasonable price and high specs of IROAD V7 has already been recognized by many people and it has been ranked #1 in-car camera for months on Korea market till now. This clearly proves there are bunch of people impressed by its distinctive identity.

The way IROAD V7 was designed is sophisticated enough to make the end user feel full satisfaction. In short, Front/rear record at HD resolution with 30fps, dual-core based cpu for stable record, image sensor for vivid record and special glass lens that endures very high temperature in Singapore. Enough said and these features of IROAD V7 is more than enough to become a decent in-car camera.

Been thinking of buying some affordable but good and easy-to-use in-car camera? IROAD V7 is the one and only answer. You will see yourself have found the last missing piece of your arrogant car. Who knows?