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More concerns

People try to equip a car with Dash camera to avoid get an undeserved property loss through unexpected accidents. But it is not an easy decision purchasing Dash Camera whenface up to the reality that becomes more expensive to buy Dash Camera. It is not wholly welcome.
Of course that is much better than before performance or functions but is difficult to bring satisfaction to consumers caused by price. So that consumer spends more on Dash Camera.

IROAD Dash Cameras always have been selected with performance, function and good price.

Also it won the grand prize at popularity vote in Navinside. IROAD is always getting recognition by customers. It focuseson not only cheap price, but high quality performance.
These IROAD released new series T9 and will be covered. IROAD T9 compromised in optimum level of price with perfect performance. This review will help lessen worries to consider Dash Camera.

This is a rule.

IROAD Dash Camera makes a feeling that is real dash camera with neat and refined design.
It will support interior inner side of car after installed. It comes across over comfortable and luxurious with based deep blue glossy and silver matte design.
Exclusive transparent cradle harmonize with product and rounded edge emphasis smooth and safety.

Ensure safety.

New generate Dash Camera have discrimination against others. The ADAS ensures safety of drivers. IROAD T9 also has 3 type of ADAS function to help preventing accidents and safe driving. It is not easy working that putting ADAS function on these prices of Dash camera. IROAD T9 can only be.

LDWS (Land Departure Warning System)

Drowsy driving can lead to a big accident. LDWS function automatically alerts when vehicle is leaving a lane due to careless driving. It activated since over 50km/h that’s why more useful at the highways.

FCWS (Front Collision Warning System)

When it closed front vehiclerapidly, there may occurs various accidents. Keeping adequate distance between cars is the best way for safe driving. IROAD T9 help to keep adequate distance with FCWS function.

FVDW (Front Vehicle Departure Warning)

The drivers may look elsewhere such as look smartphones or bring something up when it standing due to waiting for signal. If drivers don’t catch that front vehicle departures IROAD T9 will let you know that with FVDW function.

Turn on Night Vision.

Almost Dash cameras may feel limit when it records night time. Because dash camera need enough light when they are recording. IROAD T9, however raise night visibility up through night vision mode.
You may be found that significant different “turn on” and “turn off” night vision mode at night.
Night vision makes bright recording files caused linked image processing technique with ISP on IROAD. It must be useful when parking mode under low light.

Stable FHD

Ecellent ISP with Quad-core V40 CPU equipped IROAD T9 is available steady recording 30 frames with FHD for front, HD for rear.
Over 2.0Mega of IROAD T9 image sensor makes clean recording files with various performances such as Night Vision where adverted or Image correction etc.

IROAD always adhere to the basic.

Dash camera has their own performance what is recording files.
If dash camera place on other additional function have no enough to do own ability, it must be terrible. IROAD always did never asleep at the basic abilities while focusing on additional function that is reason why consumer prefers IROAD.

Driving Mode.

Recording on driving mode is not only basic function but also important function to catch a moment. IROAD T9 is supported by FHD of front and HD of rear came with each 142, 125 degree to gain minimizes the distortion images.

IROAD T9 daytime – Front Window Film 35%

IROAD T9 night – Front Window Film 35%

Event Mode

Event mode is the most important function for Dash Camera. IROAD T9 equipped the professional image processing to catch the important event moments.

Parking Mode

Parking mode on dash camera is more and more emphasized Reducing electricity consumption by power saving design and thermal structure design empowers IROAD T9 for recording more than others based on sensing motion and impact. To protect a battery, low voltage cut-off function is embedded for winter season.

More convenience with LCD

Nowadays there too much products with LCD like T9. But IROAD T9 awards high marks with IPS type of LCD even cheaper price than others.
All the major information such as car status, record mode, settings can be checked and modified via IPS type of LCD screen which is consist of the convenient and simple GUI.

Easy Checking

The best way of that is working as well or not is directly checking via LCD screen.
It can help to adjust degree or other points for each driver.

Easy set-up

It is easy to optimized set-up for driver. Driver can adjust all kinds of setting directly via LCD screen.

WI-FI connecting

Normally Wi-Fi function is a way to solve absence of LCD.
IROAD T9, however has Wi-Fi function even though it is LCD model. IROAD dash camera released smartphone application for Wi-Fi for a long time ago. So driver can check recording files in context.

Smart application

IROAD Smart application is easy to download from Google Play or Apple Store. Distributed IROAD application supports to connect dash camera with Smartphone via Wi-Fi.
When driver run exclusive application it automatically connect to dash camera (IROAD T9). Also it automaticallyupgrades new firmware. It must be more convenience to maintenance Dash Camera.

Playback with Smartphone

IROAD T9 is available playback via LCD screen even smartphone.
Also recorded file can be downloading to smartphone so that easy to save and playback.

Easy configuration

ADAS or any function for IROAD T9 isconfigured easily from LCD screen or Smartphone application.

Format free

If dash camera could not manage recording files as well, it is useless even though dash camera records as well. However, IROAD T9 adopted format free technology and manipulation prevention technology, which secured SD card’s recording stability and life span, and got high credibility. So that it is not necessary managing individually.

JDR system

Damaged files or even mistakenly deleted files are automatically recovered once a SD memory card is reinserted onto the camera. And also it assigned to a block of date to a certain size, and can optionally adjust the amount of data that the user wants to record to allocate space according to their size. JDR format recordings can be played via PC dedicated viewer and Smartphone. JDR files can be converted into AVI format from the viewer and Smartphone application. IROAD T9 is great in managing recorded files.

Dedicated PC Viewer

As explained, saved file (JDR format) only can be opening via IROAD dedicated PC viewer.
This viewer makes managing recorded file more detailed than other programs. Also saved file can be exchanged to AVI files via PC viewer.
However IROAD T9 also supported these function (download file, upload to Youtubeetc) via application so that there are not necessary fine PC to use these function.
IROAD viewer is inserted on SD card, also it is automatically set-up when SD card insert dash camera after format.

Do not hesitate

If someone is hesitating to choose Dash Camera, I confidently recommend this good cost-effectiveness IROAD T9.
This T9 has all essential elements for Dash Camera even is proud of high quality images with Jaewoncnc’ technology and know-how. LCD (IPS type) or LBP (battery discharge prevention) are supporting Jaewoncnc’ technologies also.
Wi-Fi connecting to control dash came near the vehicle, Night vision for more clean images at night time, and these functions also sources of pride of IROAD T9.
The best function what I thought is ADAS function.This is must be helpful to various drivers for safe driving.
From old days, Jaewoncnc is famous of good cost-effectiveness Dash camera. IROAD T9 must be going down in Dash Camera history. That is suffering nothing by comparison design, performance and function.

IROAD T9, it would be a decision without regrets for all.