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Optimal performance car DVR at an affordable price,


There are too many car DVRs out there

More than 200 different kind of car DVRs have been released in Korea.
As car DVR market is rapidly growing, many private enterprises jumped onto the market, but most of them ended up getting nothing but loss. That they vanished from sight, one by one, clearly explains how competitive this market is.

Considering the huge variety of car DVRs, customers get easily faced a dilemma of which one to buy.

Logical thinking might suggest buying dearer one would satisfy you more, but you would better think thoroughly when it comes to choosing the right car DVR.
Even so, the reality is that potential customers are not fully informed of which one is good or bad

What really matters is a spec and reasonable price

Tips to choose a good car DVR.
Your priority is to choose a specific feature you want to look for in a car DVR.
If all you care about is the quality of image, straightforward answer is having one with full HD and decent sensor. The real problem here is average price of 2 channel car DVR with all those specs is $400~500, pretty expensive for those whose budget is tight.
There are broad range of prices for car DVRs. Buy the most cost effective one within budget
Price and quality are not necessarily correlated for car DVRs.
If you are looking for mid-range car DVRs around $S230, IROAD ‘T7′ would be your best pick.

Slim and Simple

Surprisingly, the design of car DVR is what potential customers consider very seriously.
It might be because drivers easily tend to see the car DVR over and over as it is mounted right behind the room mirror of the vehicle
Even outside the vehicle, car DVR is one of the things inside the vehicle that is most exposed. For the reason being, manufacturers take the design seriously.
The exterior design of IROAD T7 seem to satisfy those who cares about design seriously
Its finishing is sleek and simple and does not look that big despite of the built-in 3.5inch LCD screen. Slots are placed on the top side of the device.
Its sleek and circular shape would not dissatisfy the customers for its design for sure.

Quality HD image

Eventually, how fast and vividly a car DVR can record is what is considered most importantly.
Even if one buys an affordable car DVR, it would be useless if the image quality is very bad.

In order to buy a car DVR at a reasonable price, the value of the car DVR should exceed its price.

IROAD T7 is the one that totally satisfies this criteria.

Various stable recording mode

The way a car DVR record footages depending on the situation is standardized to a certain extent.
‘Normal mode’ is normally used when a vehicle is in motion. ‘Event mode’ is appropriate in the event of an accident to record footages of the accident clearly. ‘Parking mode’ should be on when a vehicle is being parked.  IROAD T7, of course, supports the basic 3 recording modes and a motion detection sensor attached front/rear camera is effective in recording while a vehicle is parked.

Uninterrupted recording

Unless an accident occurs or your vehicle senses external impact, uninterrupted recording is kept on when the vehicle is in motion.
The recordings are saved on a memory card. The memory card is made in a way that it overwrites and overlaps saved recordings repeatedly. Higher capacity memory card is needed to save more recordings instead of overwriting files.


Due to the characteristics of a 2 channel car DVR that front and rear camera records footages simultaneously, memory card is used up more quickly compared with the one with 1 channel.
Therefore, it is highly recommended that users use 32GB memory card to keep as many recordings as possible on to it.

Event recording

How embarrassing would it be if recording data is missing or damaged in the event of an accident? What would be if using the device for long time causes overheating and data is vanished as a result?
Event recording should exist because important recordings such as accident scene should be kept safely. Uninterrupted recording overwrites files, so you might lose such important files without event recording.
IROAD T7 is able to record 10 seconds before and after impact occurs during the accident. These recordings are safely saved on to a memory card, very helpful in finding cause of the accident

Parking mode recording

Continually recording front and rear view of a vehicle when a vehicle is parked and the driver is away would be meaningless and even important recordings could be lost. That is total waste of memory space. IROAD T7 is specifically effective as it automatically records and saves data only when its sensor detects motions and impact from elsewhere.

Built-in LCD screen makes things more comfortable

It might be needless to say that watching recorded videos straight from the LCD screen is way simpler than inserting sd memory card into a card reader and then insert the card reader onto pc to watch them.
IROAD T7, as well, has a built-in 3.5inch full touch LCD screen. The screen can be mounted on a vehicle, steering angles. The driver is able to watch footages they want to watch intuitively through the screen, even at the moment of the accident
Besides, you can do all the essential settings on LCD screen with the tip of your finger. There is absolutely no need to use pc viewer to do the whole settings.

Live screen

You might need to go through the whole complicated process if you want watch live screen with a navigation system. you have to buy a right AV cable and plug that to your navigation system.
IROAD T7, with LCD screen attached, you can simply watch live screen straight.
Adjusting viewing angle for IROAD T7 is very simple when mounting it in the front/rear window. The live screen can show you wherever you want to see.
In the event of an accident, you can show people involved the recorded video of accident scene immediately through the LCD screen to find out who caused the accident. No need to take out the memory card from the car DVR and play videos on pc long time after the accident.


IROAD T7 supports on-screen settings mode. Simply tap on the screen to change it.
I personally like the way I change the settings. Simply choose what to change and change the value of each setting, not at all complicated.
On the settings, you can manage the following; the quality of image, sensitivity of sensor, sd card format, cut-off voltage, volume and save mode etc. Of course, more complicated settings such as partition setting for the sd card has to be done from the pc viewer. Yet, settings that used mostly can be easily changed from the screen.

Memory card format

One of the ways to use a memory card for longer time is to format it.
The odds of the memory card having errors are exceptionally higher than normal pc as it repeatedly write, delete and rewrite files. Formatting the memory card on a regular basis substantially reduce the load of built-in controller of the card and prevent it from data saturation.
Using IROAD T7, you do not need to bring the memory card to you pc to format it, rather, you can format right away from the device.
Raising the lifespan of a memory card by formatting

Guaranteed convenience

Is recording footages the only thing a car DVR does?

I would want to say ‘No’ for the question.

Camcorder would be more appropriate tool for recording videos only.
How much and how fast a car DVR can record, and how accurately the device is able to save scenes in the event of an accident and how many functions it has for more convenience, those are the criteria that determines the true value of a car DVR.
IROAD T7 seems to take good care of these parts, meaning it does have its own intrinsic value.

Front/Rear security LED

The importance of LED is becoming higher as car DVRs are generalized for public use.
The LED light prevents possible car theft in advance. Thieves would not like the flashing light of the LED, so would not even try to steal the vehicle or things on the vehicle. The same logic applies when the other driver accidentally hit your car. He/she would be reluctant to run away. It does scare people who have bad intention.
Most affordable 2 channel car DVRs have LED only for front camera. On contrary, IROAD has two security LED for both front and rear camera. These LED light blinks continuously and have excellent visibility, implying to others that the vehicle is under surveillance

Internal backup battery

The power of a vehicle could be shut off in the event of an accident. Anything on a vehicle that uses the battery of the vehicle would be switched off.
A car DVR, as well, would stop working and would probably not be able to complete saving recordings on a memory card.
For the reason being, minimum power supply is essential for a car DVR to avoid such tragedy.
IROAD T7, however, has internal dedicated backup battery and the battery certainly enables the device to keep recording even when engine is off.

Built-in low voltage cut-off system

Because IROAD T7 has internal voltage controlling system, you do not need a separate uninterrupted constant power cable.
Simply enter a power cut-off value on the settings menu. Once you have done that, the device automatically cut off the power from the battery when the voltage drops under a certain point to make sure the battery does not get discharged.

External GPS antenna

External GPS might be needed for those who wants to make sure the time and the date for recordings to be adjusted correctly all the time. Plus, it is also useful for getting more detailed information in accident.
It shows you the then location of your vehicle, say, when you car had an accident, and also the speed you vehicle was travelling at, at any point of time. Therefore, all the information gathered from using GPS is fairly reliable.
I sometimes come to see wrong time and date while I was watching video clips from car DVRs uploaded on Youtube. If you are involved in an accident, and have a recording with wrong time, then you would be in a very disadvantageous position. That is why you would be better off having the GPS.

A pc viewer with various functions

Though IROAD T7 itself does not really rely on pc viewer because of its on-screen settings mode using LCD screen, pc viewer is still needed for several reasons.
Only pc viewer is able to show you highly vivid and precise scenes of an accident that you cannot watch from the LCD. You can manage data synced with GPS and control the value of G sensor. If more detailed and complicated footage has to be examined, pc viewer would be required.

Multi functional dedicated pc viewer

Generally, pc viewer is more significant for 2 channel car DVRs.

You might not be able to watch front/rear images simultaneously with normal media players. They do now show you the value of impact sensor and speed of your vehicle gathered from GPS
The dedicated viewer for IROAD T7 is well made in that its UI is great, is neatly decorated with black color and controllers are in the right place on the screen.
When the viewer is synched with external GPS, the speed of your vehicle and the location on the map are all shown on the viewer while playing recorded videos. With all that, it is easier to analyze the footage.

More detailed settings can be managed through the pc viewer which are not included on the settings mode of the car DVR.
The UI of the viewer is fairly intuitive and easily made, so I would say it is not that difficult to change settings on the viewer.

Playing recordings on normal media players

IROAD uses H.264 codec, the best codec by far. This codec enables videos to show fairly high definition of images, considering recording files are relatively very compressed.
This strength of the codec enable you to watch recordings through normal pc media players, as well as on the dedicated viewer.
Of course, using pc dedicated viewer would make everything easier. Playing recordings on normal media players are needed when you need to show the recordings at the police office or insurance companies where the pc dedicated viewer is not installed on their pc.

Compatibility with smart phones

Users of IROAD T7 already has a screen with it. Even so, there still might be cases where the LCD screen does not work or you want to watch recordings using other means. The alternative way is to watch them using smart phone.
Most android phones have slots for micro sd card on back of the phone. IROAD T7 uses the exactly same type of sd card.
It is not that smart phone is able to play any type of recorded videos by simply inserting the sd card.
As mentioned earlier, H.264 codec that IROAD T7 uses enables you to watch recordings through your smartphone. The codec is broadly used and files are well compressed with it.

Totally practical car DVR

Now, I am wondering where on earth anyone could find a car DVR that has better functions than IROAD T7 at that cheap price?

IROAD series have been popular particularly for its exceptional performance at relatively affordable prices.

Safety and specs of IROAD T7 are pretty high and stable and these have been developed and improved from manufacturing various models and gaining knowhow from it.

People eventually get to pay attention to IROAD series

After previous model, IROAD 330CH hit the Korean market, Jawoncnc has become renowned for making high quality/cost effective car DVRs. The follow-up model, IROAD T7 as well, seems to have been successfully inherited the very best quality from previous line-ups.

The quality is superb, price is reasonable and controlling is easy. What is the point looking for other car DVRs? Go for IROAD T7 and save your money that could have been used to buy more expensive one with very similar spec.

Potential customers would be willing to pay their hard-earned money for this amazing car DVR that has 2 channel front/rear camera with HD resolution, and even 3.5inch full touch LCD screen. they would demand such a decent car DVR at very reasonable price.

I am pretty sure this car DVR will let you open your wallet and finally get you stop thinking of which car DVR to buy.

In the already saturated car DVR market, there are only few car DVRs that would draw attention from people.

Considering more or less customers are pretty picky buyers, IROAD T7 is fairly enough to draw attention from potential customers whose budget is between $240~$340

I highly recommend you to try IROAD T7 as practicality and the price of it would totally satisfy your very high expectation. Once again, reasonable price and maximum practicality, pick IROAD T7, absolutely no doubt.

High quality and cost effective 3.5inch HD 2channel car DVR, that is what best describes IROD T7.

No matter what happens to your valuable vehicle, IROAD T7 will be a very decent watchdog that protects you and your vehicle from destruction of evidences and lies from the people who caused accidents