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More Accurate, Clear and Superior


Eliminate Unrighteousness

My car was waiting at the signal and the front vehicle slowly rolled back and pushed into my vehicle. It seems that the driver of the car did not even step on the brakes. Taken aback, I honked to warn the driver in the front but the car still ended up colliding with my own. The driver walked out of his car without looking apologetic and instead asked me why I bumped into his car. Though I tried to explain but he insisted and there were no witnesses near. It is due to these kinds of situations that makes people feel the need for Dash Cameras.

Get ready, High performance Dash Camera

It is important to set up a dash camera in advance in case of any accidents. The dash camera is an easy way to record happenings on the road but also to monitor the surrounding when the car is parked. Therefore, even if someone were to bump into your vehicle, they can be tracked easily as it was recorded by the dash camera. It is crucial to know that there are many products in the market that are made with less reliable and promising technology along with low cost hardware.

Since the dash camera is a device that can be used throughout a long period of time, it is wise to purchase a reliable and high-quality product. The devices covered in this review are IROAD Q9 and Q7, which are equipped with high-performing technology and stability. Unlike previous models, the external shape features a cylindrical casing. This structure ensures maximum visibility for the driver when driving, which suggests that IROAD dash camera designs takes the end-users into consideration.

The basic is clarity

An extraordinary Dash Camera should outperform in various ways. It is important for the image sensor to have excellent image quality. Also the ability of the CPU should be higher so that it can be stored quickly. Low-Power design requires longer recording times, and specialized hardware design makes it easier to operate while driving. The IROAD Q9 & Q7 models have all these features, which mean they can record sharp, clear images.

The IROAD Q9 and Q7 models are slightly different in appearance, but the biggest difference is the rear camera recording resolution. If you are looking to purchase a budget dash camera, Q7 with FHD front camera and HD rear camera would be a good choice. If you want to have the best quality images, then Q9 with front and rear FHD cameras should be the best choice for you

Night Vision

The dark night was a big challenge for every Dash Camera. Nowadays, one of the standards of good Dash Camera is visibility in night and low light conditions. How can be recorded in the good quality under dark is an important factor for Dash Camera, because it can catch a night hit and run accident. The Night Vision function installed in the IROAD Q9 / Q7 seems to be a differentiated strategy compare with others.

Mastering of the Basics

The utmost basic function of dash cameras is the recording function. Consumers care a lot regarding the stability of the recording function. As a result, the manufacturer has put in a lot of effort in executing the best recording function. The IROAD Q9 and Q7 models are the product of these effort and the effort can be observed in the smooth and stable recordings by IROAD Q9 and Q7.

Normal recording

If there is a shock to the built-in G sensor, the IROAD Q9 / Q7 immediately judge it as an event situation and stores the file separately. It keeps a total 20 secs (every 10 seconds before and after impact), and has a longer retention period than normal recording.

IROAD Q9 daytime – Front Window Film 35%

IROAD Q9 night – Front Window Film 35%

IROAD Q7 daytime – Front Window Film 35%

IROAD Q7 night – Front Window Film 35%

Parking recording

Nowadays, there is more parking time than driving time, and there is a possibility of an accident during that time. Therefore, the Q9 & Q7 parking recording function is aimed at vivid recording against such a situation.

IROAD Q9 parking – Front Window Film 35%

IROAD Q7 parking – Front Window Film 35%

Active reporting ADAS

In order to ensure the safety of the driver, dash cameras began to implement a new technology, namely, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System). It can be said that the IROAD brand led the spread of ADAS function in to dash camera technology. LDWS detects and alert the driver of straying from car lanes, FVDW detects the departure of the front vehicle, and FCWS warns the possibility of collision with the front vehicle. All these functions exist in IROAD Q9 and Q7 to increase protection for the user.

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)

Sometimes it is inevitable to become drowsy when stuck in traffic or on endless highways. Lane digressions are possible and frequent and is also a shortcut to the worst accidents that could happen. In order to prevent this situation, IROAD Q9 and Q7 promptly warns the driver when it detects that the vehicle is leaving the car lane when the driving speed is above 50km/h.

FCWS (Front Collision Warning System)

As described above, there is a risk of collision since lose sense of distance between front vehicle in drowsy driving. The FCWS function installed on the IROAD Q9 / Q7 calculates the distance to the front vehicle and alerts to driver to prevent accidents.

FVDW (Front Vehicle Departure Warning)

It is not uncommon for drivers to be distracted when they wait for the traffic lights to turn green and sometimes drivers do not even realize that the front vehicle has already went off. IROAD Q9 and Q7 are equipped with FVDW function which automatically alerts the driver when there is an increasing distance from the vehicle in the front.

Smart with Wi-Fi

The IROAD Q9 / Q7 do not have a separate LCD, but it can look up records and change settings more conveniently than other Dash Cameras. Because of it can work with the Dash Camera through Wi-Fi. Through a dedicated application, various functions such as playback of recorded files and configuration can be used, and the Wi-Fi module is automatically linked in convenience.

Prompt Live View

As the stored and live footages can be viewed through smartphones, it is basically a more convenient and accessible LCD screen extension for the dash camera. The advantages of WiFi is fulled utilized in IROAD Q9 and Q7.

Automatic Firmware update

With the dedicated IROAD application, automatic searches for firmware update is conducted and the user will be notified when there is a new firmware update. It even downloads the firmware straight to the dash camera allowing for immediate updates even on the go.

Easy Configuration

Various settings of the Dash Camera can be easily changed by simple operation in the application.
The configuration interface is fairly easy so anyone can easily adjust the Dash Camera settings.

Format Free & More Stability

Unlike many Dash Cameras on the market, the IROAD Q9 / Q7 are a highly reliable product that can be used continuously by the users applying format-free technology that completely eliminates the existing shortcomings.

The IROAD Q9 / Q7 adopted JDR file system is the best file system available for Dash Cameras that can be restored and do not need to format every time.

In order to extract the images from the JDR file system, IROAD dedicated viewer is required. In the dedicated viewer, GPS information can be used to obtain detailed information to help in the accident site readout. IROAD Q9 / Q7 users are strongly recommended to install this viewer.

Extraordinary Protection Starts Now

IROAD Q9 and Q7 possesses many advantages in several areas. The sophisticated design is aesthetically pleasing and does not interfere with the driver’s view. With high-end hardware specifications, it also supports 30 frames per second in both front and rear camera to record clear and smooth footages. In addition, night vision, WiFi, ADAS, and format-free functions further maximize the performance of the dash camera.

Due to the increasing traffic, there is an uncertainty to when and where an accident might happen. If you were to install IROAD Q9 and Q7, that kind of anxiety will be eliminated instantly. With excellent recording performances, users are able to record high quality footages for a long time with only a low power consumption (2.9W).

If you want to drive safe and do not want to be stuck in arguments, make your best decision and choose IROAD Q9 and Q7. This product promises to keep you and your car safe and secure 24 hours a day.

IROAD dash cameras combines great performance and reasonable pricing, and helps you eliminate anxiety wherever you go. With the latest features and sharp reliable image quality, IROAD Q9 and Q7 is ready to be your best safety companion on the road.