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Happy gift for Dash Camera



Dash camera is becoming popular product for the public more and more. As car parked long-term or the weather becomes colder, the start a car becomes difficult when the efficiency of the battery reaches a half level. Finally, the batteries may discharge and require an urgent help for discharge.

Parking Security is one of the important features offered by most of the car dashboard cameras in the market. However, since most modern dashcams are capacitor based that get power supply from car ignition. According to the insurance agency, the rate of batteries discharged is increasing every year and the dash camera for the vehicle is one of the reasons.

Prevent the discharge & longer life span

External batteries for vehicles catch popularity naturally since issue of discharge. External battery help to prevent discharging battery of vehicle even supply electric power to dash cameras at same time. It makes difficult to choose for customers since these external battery has various kinds of type and price. This IROAD Powerpack comes in where has the best efficiency and performance Li-ion battery. Even IROAD Powerpack has the most efficient function that is Bluetooth pairing via Smartphone (APP) to check condition & capacity and so on.

Safety.. and Safety.

The first consideration is safety and stability. If the battery is not stable, it will result in an explosion or a fire, which could lead to enormous property damage or casualties. The IROAD Powerpack has supported the BMS and PSM functions which have been certified by many people, and designed to enable consumers to use more safely and comfortably. It can be used without worrying about safety and stability.

Li-ion battery

First of all, highly effective charging/discharging and recharging time are the characteristics of Li-ion battery. It upgrades more than doubled one of the weak points which is time of charge/discharge. Also it is assessed with the best performance since solved problems of explosion and fire. This Li-ion battery has lots of advantages but prices are cheap which is rated as a secondary battery with a high energy density without environmental pollution. This IROAD Powerpack is the best product where is including all advantages of Li-ion battery.

Battery Management System

Even though the battery is safe, the lithium battery has the potential risks. If the battery becomes more than 3.6V, there might be risk of explosion. To prevent these risks, the BMS circuit (Battery management system) must be fitted. The BMS is cell balancing circuit to prevent an explosion when a specific cell becomes overcharged. BMS helps to make it easier to charge the cells, thereby ensuring that they are safe from the risk of explosion. The IROAD Powerpack designed with these BMS circuit so that is safe to use.

Power Sleep mode

The external battery is also rapidly discharged and cannot function at a critical moment. This IROAD Powerpack is automatically converted to stand-by mode without using the battery regularly means that eliminate unnecessary battery drain and avoid swelling. Overcharged or overdischarged batteries invariably result in swelling, but the IROAD Powerpack has all been supplemented.

Smartphone USB charging (PPC)

IROAD Powerpack carry out convenience not only as external battery function for Dash Camera but also providing a USB external charging function that can recharge smart devices such as smartphone and tablets. PPC (Portable Power Charge) technology can be greatly appreciated when the smartphone required charging even the vehicle is switched off.

Managing External Battery

There was no way to ensure that the condition of the external battery. How can be checked the condition of the battery even if customer want to make sure that is ok or not? Moreover the battery is located under the driver’s seat or back of the trunk. The IROAD Powerpack allows a built-in Bluetooth module to easily check the condition of the battery via smartphone APP.

Of course, APP is available to download from Google play Store or App store.

Innovative efficiency

The IROAD Powerpack contains lithium-ion (LiFePO4) batteries, which boast the highest charging/discharging efficiency. Only 45 minutes required when it takes more than 90% of state to be charged. Once a charged, it is proud highly efficient to use a Dash Cam for more than a day.

General Charging & Quick Charging

IROAD Powerpack record approximately 27 hours after it fully general charged.
Also it record approximately 22 hours after it fully quick charging for 45 minutes.

Even it was tested available for 3 hours when it charged just for 10 minutes in general charging (The above mentioned charging/using time applicable to T9, other product will take a bit more or less).

Preferred IROAD

The brand recognition of IROAD in the Dash Camera industry is high. At the contest marked the popularity of the dash camera, IROAD took first place. In addition, IROAD is also popular in foreign markets as well as in domestic markets. It has been exported to 30 countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, and Northern Europe, and has been designated as a promising export company by the SBA.

In particular, the IROAD Powerpack is designed to adopt the opinions of foreign agents rather than in Korea. IROAD Powerpack is suitable for preventing battery discharge in low temperatures areas such as northern Europe.

IROAD Powerpack is a high efficiency external battery, and is ideal for anyone who wishes to avoid battery discharge while winter season. It is equipped a great battery that the most reliable and excellent performance of lithium-ion battery also built-in Bluetooth function make enabling them to monitor via smartphone (APP). Also IROAD Powerpack can be used for long periods of time with a short charging time and electric power designed for ISG vehicles. Firmware updates are available via the app and USB ports allow charging smart devices such as smartphone or tablets. These design and multifunction must be merits for not only domestic but also abroad.