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1920x1080p FHD
60Frame – high speed cinematography


Plebeian come into wide use Dashcam

Nowadays, there are already so many Dashcams are supplied in the market. If someone who has a mind to get a Dashcam to find searching through an internet, they always consider too diverse kinds of Dashcam to choose the best one. There are already more than 250 kinds of Dashcam in domestic market. In addition, if takes the circumstances into consideration of abroad, who knows that accounts enormous variety of Dashcam. What kinds of Dash Cam can makes more satisfaction? This in-depth worry is same problem to consumers as well as manufactures. What different things appeal to more attractive to consumers? The companies who desire to make product differentiation prove that with own developed technology with new product.

New interpretation, The leap higher.

Market for 1 channel Black Box is clearly users’ demand but it is alienated despite of relatively growing up market for 2 channels Black Box. But, if they put together domestic and abroad markets, the scale of market will be bigger and bigger. Many companies define markets for only domestic, but others who aim for world markets already continuing to make progress overseas sales networks. IROAD A9 manufactured from Jaewoncnc is 1 channel Black box that is new 1 channel black box. It breaks limitation what hasbeen regarded limitation of 30 frames to 60 frames for full HD. Through this review, hope that people feels a potential of world-class black box to aim domestic as well as abroad with equipped high technology 60 frames recording and usefulness.


Market for 1 channel Black Box is clearly users’ demand but it is alienated despite of relatively growing up market for 2 channels Black Box. But, if they put together domestic and abroad markets, the scale of market will be bigger and bigger. Many companies define markets for only domestic, but others who aim for world markets already continuing to make progress overseas sales networks. IROAD A9 manufactured from Jaewoncnc is 1 channel Black box that is new 1 channel black box. It breaks limitation what hasbeen regarded limitation of 30 frames to 60 frames for full HD. Through this review, hope that people feels a potential of world-class black box to aim domestic as well as abroad with equipped high technology 60 frames recording and usefulness.

The best one at the abroad

JAEWONCNC has developed more than 20 models of in Dashcam so far, on the average 4~5 models in Dashcam every year, and has piled up lots of techniques in the pursuit of that to make product which customers want. JAEWONCNC has extended to overseas as well as domestic, and it has a branch in Singapore. Truly, IROAD A9 is introduced and received attention at the abroad first. Especially, Jaewoncnc has been labor for overseas market with own technologies for a long time. They are exporting to Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia and more 30 countries in Europe and America moreover they are expected and nominatedmore promising export company from Seoul Regional office Small & Medium Business Administration. In addition, Jaewoncnc is selected the best company at the various part from ‘2015 Consumer’s choice in Korea’, ‘2016 the best established trust company in Korea’. It is an obvious outcome through continues developing technology & design for Dashcam.

IROAD A9 showed at Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring Edition first, it already sale by subscription over 3,000 before released. IROAD Black Box that more high-tech with qualified functions than others from abroad has a chance of success in overseas market.

Simple is attraction.

IROAD A9 is looks like similar appearance with V9 what is previous model for 2 channels. The combination with dark gray high glossy and matte with leather texture makes it shows extremely luxurious appearance. IROAD A9 is not also aspect for camera but only 2 patterns at the bottom side to reduce heating issue and there is a cover to protect memory cards when any accident or troubles happens.

Get everything in business to be the best.

The image of IROAD A9 has relatively high bitrate as 12Mbps and 1080p. Also, it requires high quality spectrum on hardware to record maximum 60 frames. IROAD A9 has suitable CPU fills these all spectrums and the newest Sony image sensor provides a differentiation with other competitors.

The performance of CPU is most important to keep clear a progress what transfer coming front image to date and encoding this to save on memory card. If the performance of CPU is lacking a bit, recoding can’t be clear. IROAD A9 has AllWinner A31 chip based on Cortex A7 what is authorized from consumers to support excellent function.

The newest image sensor

Image sensor from SONY is aiding more sharp definition than others. So, it always is competed to impose from lots of companies. However, some people ignore that is still upgrading by time.
Existing Dashcam used IMX322 sensor from SONY but IROAD A9 use new one(Sony Exmor R STARVIS IMX291 sensor) to have a product differentiation. Sony Exmor R STARVIS IMX 291 showed that brighter image as well as at night time with twice visibility and three times near-infrared ray.

Jaewoncnc has lots of knowhow at Dashcam market pass through various experiences to develop image processing. Under moto what is developing for consumer’s wish, they have kept going to foster 3 to 4 items every year. Image screen of IROAD A9 attest not only took awareness but also specialize technician. The unique technique of image tuning of IROAD with SONY STARVIS sensor creates a synergy effect to show high-definition and clean image.

Feel the smooth

People have a keen eye to catch 30 frames and 60 frames. Since IROAD A9 supports 60 frames, it must be advantage to decipher more detailed images whenever people check images such as license plates. ‘How many pictures are saved on memory in a second’ is very important to assist them. 60 frames of IROAD A9 is enough available for that.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating! Please experience that differentiation of frames.
The best way is watching recording videos of IROAD A9 to check differ between 30 frames and 60 frames. We recommend using chrome browser for video and check 60 frames are available or not at the option before watching.

This recording video is 30 frames encoding black box video. If you compare with 60 frames, may feel more soft and sharp.

Fundamentally, raising the limitation of frame makes better recording function what is base technician of black box especially IROAD A9. Lots of black box shapes up for customer’sstandardization in case by case. Upgrading image sensor with frames is more perfect on each situations and satisfaction for consumers.

Constant recording

Generally, the function of constant recording is working after finished install. Also it automati cally deletes and re-saves data in memory card when memory full. We recommend that use bigger capacity of memory for A9 if you want to save for long time. Because of IROAD A9 records more high quality videos as large files. It surely provides you to check front side of traffic lights or license plate easily with 142 degree recording.

The collaboration with performance of image sensor and special knowhow of IROAD enable tighten visibility. Commonly definition of Black Box recording is weak at expressway, at sunset or raining day however IROAD A9 can cover them with outstanding technique.


(In case of 35% front tint view)


(In case of 35% front tint view)


(In case of 35% front tint view)


(In case of 35% front tint view)

Event recording

Saving recording images are most important especially after accident as evidence. IROAD A9 saves automatically every 10 seconds before and after accident. These recording files are constantly saving on memory card till the memory card is full no longer save more records.

Parking records

Normally the time of parking is longer than driving in 24 hours. In addition, there are not too much big accident usually rather than scratching, hitting, knocking by people or car when is parked. It means that recording when parked becomes more and more important for car owners.
IROAD A9 is excellent in these situations with STARVIS image sensor. Basically it props up sensing the motion and the impact also definition is better than others at day even night. The most amazing point is power consumption which isjust taking 2W when parking. It makes be recording longer than others.

Extremely convenience for interlocking with Wi-Fi

User of IROAD A9 can check recording files in vehicle directly instead to take memory card to check at PC. Wi-Fi interlocking function makes people can check the records whenever they want with their smartphone. Also they can upload the recording files on YouTube or real-time check it with smartphone.

Easy connecting and maintenance with application

After connect Wi-Fi Dongle to Black box and download the application for IROAD is all to interlock Wi-Fi between IROAD A9 and smartphone. After this works, when use application it automatically connect with Dashcam in tethering mode of smartphone. Also firmware of IROAD is upgraded automatically.

Dashcam manufactures are always upgrading their firmware to build up functions or fix several bugs. Running this application is enough to upgrade firmware simply don’t have to download new firmware to upgrade from homepages.

Real-time recording and checking

If someone wants to check it is working as well or not, Wi-Fi connecting with smartphone is enough to check both. IROAD A9 transmits real-time recording files to your smartphone via Wi-Fi interlocking. User can check that angle of Dashcam, recording and so on.

Technology Stable “Format-Free”

Efficient managing saving files is important to improve of conservative videos. Poor managing of memory card for Dashcam is disqualification even if it records as well. To receive a favorable evaluation as a good Dashcam, good managing memory card is important as same as good definition of images. IROAD A9 use JDR system what is adjusted for Black Box, also it makes automatically manage effectively even do not format.

The best efficiency of JDR system

When insert new formatted SD card into IROAD A9, it takes 15~30 seconds to boot and initialize. This initialized SD card shows JDR files when operate it through the PC. Superficially JDR files are full in memory card but actual files are respectively managed. There may more 5 event records in one JDR file or 1 record file which constantly records. The reason of using unfamiliar structure is preventing from malfunction of memory controller or deletes files by mistake even to organize the recording file systematically. One more advantage of JDR system is restoring files. If user deletes files at the PC, SD card reinserted Dashcam restore files when checking error automatically. These parts are convinced that is better than other brands.

Essential conditions, Exclusive viewer program

Only inconvenience thing of JDR system is not allowed check through normal viewer program on PC. Exclusive viewer program is needed to check JDR files; it supplies lots of functions which are revising night recording, drawing traffic lane, expanding images to analyze scene of accident.
How could take an exclusive viewer program? Consumers may download from homepage but normally IROAD SD cards include this program. It must be useful to check recording files whenever wherever they want if there any PCs.

More stepped-up additional function

The assembled effort of IROAD A9 is quite significant in terms of the discrimination from other brand of the car cameras. It supports up to 64GB SD card and can boost the credibility and accuracy of the in Dashcam through external GPS antenna. In addition to that, security LED is used for warning when stationary.
Users may mind using a product which supports up to 32GB, the maximum capacity and Full HD models. If a manufacturer does not acknowledge the support of 64GB SD card, it could be a main factor that the manufacturer would avoid any responsibility of what recording files cannot be saved into 64GB SD card, and also users have to figure out whether it supports or not by them self-causing inconvenience. Let’s not concern about it with IROAD A9. IROAD A9 adapted supports format free JDR system supports 64GB SD card and setting the portion of even and normal file folder in SD card is easy to customize user’s needs. Class 10 64GB MLC type SD card is recommendable by the manufacturer, and if uncomfortable using another brand, let’s use IROAD brand SD card. Recording time is around 14H 10mins in the condition of basic setting without overwriting. Recording front and rear in 30 frames both as it is a big amount of data, using high capacity SD card is a good strong point. But, please refer that the recording time varies depending on circumstances of surrounding.

External GPS support

For having better credibility of in Dashcam data, users can use external GPS. The main purpose of it is that recording real time and date, and it records moving route and speed into in Dashcam at the same time so as to figure out a speed and location in the event of an accident. Those recording data can be checked out in PC viewer and it relates to another portal site to show the locations on the map.

Front warning, security LED

There is a growth of users demand whether having security LED or not in Dashcam. If security LED exists on inDashcam, it shows an identity of its design and also looks nice. Added to that, it reminds people that it is under surveillance to prevent any harmful intend. IROAD A9 has the security LED on camera to enhance effectiveness. The location of LED on IROAD A9 is a special design on the purpose of not interrupting lens, which light butts in the camera and interfere recording.

Re-shift in generations.

It is true that 1 channel Dashcam market is neglected relatively by 2 channel Dashcam market. It was not only already saturation but also 2 channel Dashcam market raise up the object of cash cow; that’s why manufactures turn to 2 channel markets. Meanwhile, 1 channel markets are dominated by Chinese companies, and it was congested performance, price or other parts of 1channel Dashcam. However, it will be changed by next generation 1channel Dashcam IROAD A9.

IROAD A9 is not only definition but also frame with new image sensor of SONY the best performance per price as a Dashcam. Even I was struck with high-quality video when I used IROAD A9. I indeed worry what kinds of Dashcam can be satisfied my eyes except IROAD A9. More outstanding technique of IROAD A9 at various unfavorable conditions even at night makes no doubt to choose as a consumer although it has only 1 channel.

It is increased in value IROAD A9 not alone just emphasized recording function but also emphasized connecting with smartphone via Wi-Fi. It allows enough gap of LCD by remote-control with Wi-Fi function. In addition, it is very efficient to manage SD memory with unique format free technique. Do not need to worry about managing personally.

Definitely IROAD A9 deserves to get high grade to break limitation of definition of images. Later we can imagine more grown up Dashcam via Jaewoncnc such as 2channel Dashcam loaded these functions. Please record clearly your road with superb IROAD A9 what achieve recognition at domestic as well as abroad. This product will greatly irritate your eyes and mind with catching point better than others at the moment.