Jaewoncnc announced the launch of IROAD X10, to feature high quality 4K UHD dashcam.

IROAD X10 comes 4K UHD for front camera and FHD for rear camera. It offers 9 times more pixels than HD and offers 2.25 times more pixels than QHD.

IROAD X10 supports large capacity memory of up to 1TB and comes X-vision for recording clear video in any low light situation. Also, Time lapse function is added. It supports efficient memory usage efficient memory usage and provides extremely longer recording time.

In addition, the IROAD X10 equipped with H.265 so that it records 2 times better image quality than H.264.

The X10 connects to a smartphone via Wi-Fi on IROAD Application and it offers features such as : Live View, Download recording files, Firmware update and changing settings.

‘X Scanner’, newly added to IROAD X10, is OBD scanner module that offers real time average fuel, speed, fuel level, fuel efficiency, mission oil temperature, battery information, DPF and vehicle diagnostic through mobile app and PC viewer.

The presentative of David Han said IROAD will launch more than 2 flagship models based on X10 in the second half of this year and will lead SW and HW technology trends such as cloud and connect based on global communications technology. It provides every information of the vehicle to the drivers.