In September 2021, Jaewoncnc announced the launch of the new X series model – IROAD X11 – a QHD Dual Channel recording dash cam.

IROAD X11 comes with both front and rear cameras capable of recording in QHD resolution at 30fps, offering 4 times the definition of the standard HD. Both cameras are also equipped with 5-Megapixel SONY STARVIS Sensors, allowing for recording of top quality footage and sharp, clear images at day and especially at night.

IROAD X11’s High Dynamic Range function removes light blurring when driving at night or when passing through tunnels, while the intelligent night vision feature “X-Vision” automatically diagnoses the light conditions and adjusts brightness accordingly for the clearest images in both parking mode and while driving.

The Wide Viewing Angle of 155° minimizes blind spots and allows users to record everything that can be seen through the windshield.

IROAD X11 also supports a large capacity memory of up to 1TB and, thanks to the H.265 technology, it can store up to 7H of normal driving footage on a 32GB memory card. In Parking Mode, Time Lapse mode is available, allowing for up to 24h of footage to be stored in a 32GB memory card by recording at 1fps and switching to 10fps in case of impact or event detection.

In order to protect the car’s battery if installing the dash cam using the hardwire kit, X11 uses LBP (Low Battery Power), which automatically cuts off voltage and shuts down the camera before the car’s battery is fully depleted.

When connected to the external GPS, IROAD X11 keeps track of traveling speed, location, driving information and even supports ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

X11 connects to the smartphone via Wi-Fi and the IROAD Mobile Application, through which users can access a variety of features: Live View (front and rear cameras), downloading recorded files, firmware updates and changing settings of the dash cam. IROAD X11 footage can also be viewed on a PC through the IROAD PC Viewer.

Just like X10, IROAD X11 is compatible with X-Scanner, IROAD’s unique OBDII diagnostic car scanner, offering real time information about your car such as average fuel, speed, fuel level, fuel efficiency, mission oil temperature, battery information, DPF and vehicle diagnostics, available through the X-Scanner IROAD App.