In March 2023, JAEWONCNC officially announced the release of their latest dash cam model – IROAD QX2 – a 2-channel front QHD & rear FHD dash cam.

QX2’s release comes to complement FX2’s release of last year, adding a higher tier model to the new generation of IROAD dash cameras through the higher resolution recording (front QHD) and the use of Sony STARVIS Image Sensors on both the front and rear cameras.

QX2 comes with a built-in GPS, which provides speed and location information for the footage recorded. Another benefit of the built-in GPS is the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) 2.0. ADAS 2.0, upgraded from the previous ADAS 1.0 version, includes Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS), 3 functions aimed to assist users towards safer and easier drives.

IROAD QX2 comes with a Hyper-lapse driving recording mode in addition to normal Driving Recording, which is ideal for long distance drives. With Hyper-lapse, QX2 records at 1fps and saves 4 times more footage in the same storage space than when operating in Normal mode, optimizing SD memory usage. When an Event is detected in Hyper-lapse mode, the frame rate briefly switches to 30fps to capture the most important moments in the highest quality possible.

IROAD QX2’s supports Buffered Event Recording. The dash cam will record not only the seconds after an event has occurred, but also a few seconds before, increasing the probability of getting a better understanding of the series of events that led to an incident, especially during parking. Event Recordings include driving and parking impact, motion detection, as well as manual recording.

When it comes to Parking Mode, IROAD QX2 comes with different options for the users, including Time-lapse (recording at 1fps normally and at 30fps in case of an Event) and Motion Detection (the dash cam is “asleep” and not saving footage to the SD card unless motion or impact is detected, which is when it “wakes up” to record and save the footage).

Just like the FX series, the video format of IROAD QX2 is AVI, instead of the classic JDR or IVS of the IROAD X Series dash cams.

IROAD QX2 live view, footage playback and settings are available by connecting through Wi-Fi to the IROAD X VIEW mobile app (Android/iOS), as well as by using the X VIEW PC Viewer.