FX2 / FX1 Firmware Update Notification (v1.05.0)

The firmware for IROAD FX2, FX1 models has been updated to version 1.05.0.

  • Firmware Version : 1.05.0 (A / B)
  • Available Models : IROAD FX2, FX1

There are now 2 firmware versions: 1.05.0_A and 1.05.0_B. Each version comes with a different set of languages for the dash cam’s voice guidance.

Version A: English(US) / 簡體中文(CN) / 繁體中文(HK) / 日本語(JP)

Version B: English(US) / Türkçe(Türkiye) / עברית(Israel)

[Update Details]

  •  Added Chinese (Traditional), Hebrew and released the firmware in 2 versions (A and B), based on languages included.
  • Improved video recording quality and stability
  • Overall performance and bug fixes

[How to Update]

Option 1: Automatically update firmware through the IROAD X VIEW mobile app.

※ Install the latest version of the IROAD X VIEW mobile app so that the firmware update will proceed correctly.

※ If your FX series model is using a previous version of the firmware, the automatic update will  install firmware version A (v1.05.0_A).

Option 2: If you wish to use a language that is part of a different firmware version (A/B), update firmware manually by following the instructions HERE.